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How To Let Your Family Know You Are Having Relationship Problems

Admitting to yourself and to your family about problems that occurred in your relationship is not always something that can be easily done. You might be facing problems that hit the emotional spot. Before telling your family about this, you have got to make sure that this will not affect any member in any way (ex: mom gets too worried and then sick, father gets angry etc).

Your first step before announcing your family is to let things cool down. In the midst of everything, you might not see the whole picture, the fact that problems do not occur only because of one person. A couple has two people in it, people that need to communicate and understand each other. Therefore it is more likely that the problems you two are facing right now are both your fault. Let things get settled and then tell your family.

Your next step is to openly tell your family that you are going through a rough patch. When talking about your current problems do not let your feelings get in the way of communicating with your family. Do not get all angry or anxious. You are going to your family because you clearly think they have something good to say about this entire situation. And if not, at least they are the closest people to you and they are eager to hear you out.

Do not victimize yourself. Dumping all your current problems on your partner is not a nice thing to do. Accept the fact that you are both guilty of your problems. Maybe not equally, but still guilty. Saying “It’s his/her fault and I had nothing to do with it” will only sever ties with your partner and your family. Nobody said that you too will break up or end you marriage, if this is the case. Word spreads around and how will your loved one feel when he hears all that stuff you have been saying about him? And also, how could you expect your family to accept your partner if you turned him to be the source of your problems?

The most important thing is to hold on to your dignity. Just because you two are having a hard time getting along, it does not mean you are not lovable, that you are a failure and that no one will ever love you. Some relationships are not meant to last for too long. That does not make you are less worthy person. Knowing when to end something that is causing your more troubles, is the bravest thing you can do. Make sure you tell your family that it was your decision as well. Problems can occur especially if your partner’s values have changed. When they do not match anymore, things tend to go south. Keep in mind that you should not be hold accountable for what he or she does. You are only responsible for your own causing.

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