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Activities For Dating Couples

Whether couples have been married for years or just starting to date there are a few activities that will be fun for the both of them. Adults like to have fun just as much as children do and listed below are just a few of the activities for two that will be enjoyable and memorable for both of you.

If a couple is lucky enough to live near a beach make a beach date, packing a picnic basket full of fried chicken and potato salad. Be sure to take the sunscreen with you, along with your bathing suits and towels. You can go along the beach picking up sea shells or odd shaped rocks. Many even like to build sand castles and then tear them down.

If either one of you are fairly decent cooks, cook a romantic dinner for two. You can learn a lot about your special person just by cooking side by side. Laugh at yourselves; this is really a great way to become closer to someone, some forget their partner really does have a sense of humor, and revive that old feeling of laughter in your relationship.

If a couple is into playing board or card games by all means set it up. There are board games that are made for two as well as a large party, or play a card game such as Gin or Scrabble. You just might be surprised how smart your loved one is or if you both enjoy history visit a museum or the landmarks in your area. They are full of information on the history of your area and you can discuss what you have seen or learned. What a wonderful way to enjoy activities just for two people.

If you are lucky enough to live around water why not book a short evening dinner cruise or a boat tour down the local river. These can be very relaxing as well as very romantic. Or book a boat tour along the shoreline to watch the whales or sea lions playing in the waters. The waves of the water slapping against the boat is very relaxing and putting your arms around each other is even better. Many couples will take a hike to their favorite wooded area. Some will stop along the way for lunch and just sit and watch nature that is around them.

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