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5 Dating Guide For Men

5 Dating Guide for Men

It has been stated women is getting pickier more than ever. Many men find it is so difficult to satisfy woman of their dream. And this fact is worsen with all brand image building by media that man must become some sort of “God” in order to satisfy their couple leads to the misunderstanding of what women truly want. This 5 dating guide for men will help you find the right ways to date your women in the way they really want.

1. Out of Beauty Emphasize to Her Personality

So many men put so much attention on solely physical appearance. There is nothing wrong about that, that is simply just a nature, but what is the point of all of those beauties if you cannot talk with her. You need to know if she can go alongside with you. Talk to her and find out if she is truly the woman that you want.

2. Talk With All Ears

If you already successfully choose the women that you can talk to, it is the time to prepare you for dating. The one rule is talk with all ears. Talk with all ears mean talk something your woman want to hear rather than what you want to hear. It is important to not get involved in one-way conversation but two ways conversation. Remember woman put much more emphasis on man that can make her feel loved.

3. Lure Her with Your Confidence

It can’t be stated no more how important it is to develop your self-confidence. There is no way you will have success if you do not have self-confidence. Developing self-confidence is as easy as repeating to yourself “she will attractive to me”.

4. Just Move On

According to proven research 8 out of 10 men will say no to you no matter who you are. So do not take it too deeply. If she is not ready to have relationship with you, you just need to move on.

5. The Art of Leading

Most women expect to be leading rather than to be leader. Lead her and show her and your woman will be on your way.

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